This is an introductory course that is structured to familiarize the student with the use of a computer as a tool for business and industry. Taking a hands-on approach, students will become skilled in the use of the Windows operating system, and Microsoft Office 2016. These competencies include the operations of word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. All learning will be in a lab environment where students will directly apply instructions using individual computers.

Students will create a wide variety of 2D games for all web browsers including browsers on mobile devices. NO CODING NEEDED! Through the use of basic problem solving and critical thinking skills, students will gain a working knowledge of basic game design and mechanics. Game projects will be games such as Flappy Bird™, Angry Birds™, Mario Bros.™, as well as Space Invaders or Asteroids. A significant portion of the course will be set aside for student to develop and build their own creative games. All games will be published online for other students and the world to play!

Students will create Android phone, tablet games while learning about the JAVA programming language. Through the use of object-oriented methodologies, students will gain a working knowledge of user interface and program design, control structures, and data structures and algorithms. Students will write programs with an emphasis on problem solving and real-life scenarios for all Android devices. Programming projects will be fun and thought-provoking games like Memory, Hangman, Pong, Space Invaders, or Asteroids.

This course introduces students to the world of robotic engineering through the use of LegoTM Dacta equipment and the VEXTM Robotics Design System. Students will develop and use team-building and problem-solving skills to design and build robotic devices. Through the use of a hands-on self-directed approach to learning, students will engage in design challenges to learn the basics about the construction and behavior of robots through programming their robotic devices to respond to remote commands.